HELP – Hire Edge Logistics Personnel, the leading staffing agency for the transportation, light industrial and trucking industries in the mid-Atlantic/northeast region, has been providing drivers and logistics personnel since 2002. Jim Davis – President/CEO understands the fundementals and essential details of transportation. He experienced it from the seat of the semi before manning the chair behind the desk. At HELP, our drivers are understood, respected, and appreciated. We know what it takes to deliver the quality of service that we demand for our clients. A privately-owned company, HELP is founded on the pillars and principles that build strong families and companies.

Our clients and our drivers depend on HELP to:

HELP maintains open communication with our clients and personnel, creating and nurturing long-term relationships.

We connect with our clients, listening, assessing your specific needs, and providing you with the best personnel to get the job done right. Your success is important to us.

We connect with our drivers and logistics personnel, listening, assessing your skills, experience, and goals for the future, and placing you in the best position to grow.

The only way to build a family or a company – with honesty and transparency. HELP maintains strict adherence to the rules and regulations, the policies, and procedures that govern the transportation industry. We take pride in driver retention, but we do not tolerate dishonesty. Protecting your name, our name, and the personnel we place in the companies we serve is of highest priority.
Success requires being a step ahead – understanding our forward moving environment and being ready for change before it happens.

It’s our middle name. It’s the foundation on which we’ve built our company.

Quality services: Our clients deserve and receive high-caliber service and personnel. Thanks to our comprehensive screening and hiring process and ongoing training, we deliver the best – every time.

Quality people: Our personnel deserve placement in quality companies. We focus on matching each individual in the best environment for their unique abilities.

Quality interactions: When glitches happen – they’re a part of real life – we take pride in fast, efficient, proactive response time to resolve issues immediately.

Safety is taken very seriously at HELP. We employ the best compliance team in the industry, utilizing extensive safety systems and standards to ensure that every employee is protected, and every client receives the best service.